May 4, 2009

Eight Hour Day: A Minneapolis Design Studio.

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Spa collateral

Creative Professional Development Conference website

Urban Flower Design Studio website

Minnesota Opera

There are a few cities I would move to SOLELY for a design opportunity. If Nike knocked on my door, Portland, Oregon would be the next plane ticket I would buy. If the San Diego Zoo needed some new designers, then Southern California would be my new home and a surfboard I would buy. Thirdly, if Target beckoned my presence for their graphic design department, then I would start reading any and all guidebooks having to do with Minneapolis. Upon seeing a great design sample of work for Target in this year's Print Magazine design annuals from studio EightHourDay, I immediately googled their website and then proceeded to swoon and think about what life in the Twin Cities might be like. They are a husband & wife team with fabulous style and were even written up in Communication Arts last month (profile here). EightHourDay's aesthetic is clean and graphic and with a fantastic sense of photography styling and selection (as only Target would allow I am sure, and thank goodness!). The work they choose to do reminds me a lot about another husband and wife team that I spent two years working for in my mid-20s; whose design styles were very opposite as individuals but when they came together the work shined. Just thought I would share some of their work as inspiration to myself and others who might be feeling less than creatively inspired on this gloomy, rainy and sneeze-filled (as I am) day. Don't worry, it's not the swine.

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Kelly said...

i lived in Mpls for two years and it's really amazing how much Target spreads their work around between agencies and freelancers. it seemed like everyone i talked to in the biz had dipped their toes in the pool that is Target! i think that model is what helps them accomplish such amazing design.