May 7, 2009

Typography Underground.

Okay, so here is one more post before I leave (clearly this cold has gotten to my head). This posting is all about typography down below the street; in the subway system!

On Sunday it was raining cats and dogs all day and Matt was itching to get out of the apartment and do something so we took ourselves and our umbrellas and made our way to downtown Brooklyn for a little field trip – to the New York City Transit Museum. This is actually a place I have wanted to visit (as geeky as that sounds) but just never got around to and to be honest, I had always thought it was in the city, not Brooklyn. Anyhow, we arrived and wouldn't you know, the entrance actually LOOKS like you are going into the subway; as it turns out, the location of the museum used to be a real station. It was an interesting look into the history of the building of the subway in the early 1900s as well as the bridges that connect the boroughs of NYC. There were some fun things to play with and learn also about the history of the actual turnstiles where they had all of them from the very first to the current one used that you could "go through" to see the difference in the weights of the materials used. They had old subway train cars that were actually ON the tracks to walk around in (I loved seeing the old advertisements that lined the cars. For some reason, I thought subway ads were a newer thing of the past couple decades). There were some other interesting things to see and touch and walk through and I recommend adding it to your list of "to dos" next time you need a rainy day activity.

Of course through all of this, I noticed the typography used and the old signage of which there were many samples. Above is just a small selection of those I photographed.

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