January 22, 2008

A beautiful breakfast blog.

{A beautiful photo from Jen on Simply Breakfast}

(Try saying that 5 times fast) Honestly though, I think I found another "photography meets the beautiful ordinary meets food" blog. Not only is it food, it's more specific than that; it's my absolute favorite meal of the day. None other than the first thing you eat, what everyone tells you that you should not start your day without, what I need to eat or else I am beyond the most cranky person in the office. Breakfast, my friends, breakfast. This blog, perfectly named "Simply Breakfast: The Art of Breakfast"
might be my latest of daily viewing blogs that I MUST see or else my day is not complete. I browsed through a lot of her older posts and see that sometimes she has guest bloggers/breakfast eaters. Not only seeing what she is eating, but how she is arranging her composition as well as the placeware and glassware/mugs she is eating and drinking from is something else that I am loving. If I didn't eat a bowl of cereal standing up (while drying my hair or doing my eye make-up) five days a week I would love to try this photo project for myself.

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Brilliant Asylum said...

Now this is a good idea for a blog.