January 17, 2008

A reuniting with Ricky.

Ricky, I used to know you when I was a teenager and working in a fifties-themed ice cream parlor. Your music was on our authentic jukebox and I am sure at one point I knew what letter and number to press to get "Hello Mary Lou" to come on for all ice cream eaters in the store to hear. I have since lost touch with you. Until just the other day, when I went to one of my favorite sites for free listening of full new just-released CDs. Behold my eyes, what was that I saw? That Elvis-esque hair on the cover and the title, Ricky Nelson's Greatest Love Songs. I immediately clicked on your picture, plugged my headphones into my Mac and was taken back to my days of serving ice cream sundaes and wearing horrible soda jerk hats, but strangely loving every minute of my job. A time when life was easy and my biggest annoyance at work was having to refill the hot fudge. Ricky, this CD is incredible and I thank you for bringing me back to some classic music from a much simpler time.

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