January 16, 2008

Gentlemen, this is the final rose...

All of my talk about flowers the other day got me thinking about a show completely based on roses; as well as Chris Harrison, drinking in hot tubs, over-the-top 'romantic' dates, and Chris Harrison (did I already mention him?). It got me thinking about you, Trista. You have a lovely baby with your good-looking firefighter-husband, Ryan, but I hate to say it, you are the ONLY successful marriage that the ABC show "The Bachelorette" has produced. The two gals that followed in your footsteps and hoped for the same wedded bliss were Meredith and Jen Schefft. M sadly had a break-up with Ian (her final pick) after the show ended and for some reason, had me actually feeling SAD about a couple I didn't know! Maybe I was on a positivity high after Trista's happy ending? Who knows. All I know is that reality dating TV clearly has a profound effect on me; which scares me some. Next after M to take the throne as the Bachelorette was J. Schefft. Well, anyone who has even heard of reality TV knows exactly what happened there. I specifically remember my girlfriends and I announcing after the finale aired that it was "three hours of our life we will never get back." Three hours. No ring. No proposal. Fans, as well as ABC it seems, were clearly scarred and since that fateful night in February of 2005, the show has not returned to primetime. Well, dear readers, I am here to tell you that this summer there WILL be a new Bachelorette taking her turn as giver of roses, cheesey dates involving helicopter rides and rose petals, and of course the key to honeymoon suites (is this the year of the reality show comeback or what?!). The network has just announced the return but not revealed who it is starring yet, but I am wondering if it is one of the castoffs from the latest Bachelor series with Austin hotness (and subscriber to the same decision-makings as J. Schefft), Brad Womack, who in the end chose no one to be his one-month bride. Jenni? Deanna? Bettina? Will we be seeing any of you ladies again on the Bachelorette? Regardless of who it is, you know I will be glued to my TV and waiting for Chris Harrison to say "Gentleman, this is the final rose of the evening."

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