January 7, 2008

Photography Monday: Number 1.

Clockwise from top left:
1. tiles on the building facade of the Staples in Chelsea
2. bras hanging to dry off of my bureau (not as effective as a drying rack, I know, but it served its purpose and a wonderfully colored photo)
3. sitting in Barnes & Noble and looking down at my feet
4. the most wondrous morning bowl of cereal (Kashi's Cinnamon Harvest) sitting next to my make-up and watch.

Photography Monday is all about what I have captured the week before in photos from Sunday through Saturday. This is one major New Year's Resolution for myself: take 4 pictures a week, every week, for the year. A year ago I started looking at the wonderful blog, 3191, and they inspired me in a similar way to take photos as much as possible; capturing the small but beautiful things in life. It really only takes a few moments to see something stunning/different/curious and then capture it on my Canon PowerShot, so why not? I am going to also put them together as one big piece because I think the union of the four photos is a unique representation of the week as well. I can see if there was a theme or a feeling that I didn't realize until I put the works together. This week was very colorful–and what a great and inspiring way to start the new year!

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