January 22, 2008


Today I am craving sugar. I am not sure if it is because it's my friend's birthday and that reminds me of birthday cake or what, but in response to this craving and not giving in to it, I am going to write about it in hopes of getting my sugary fill that way.

My Mother and I share a few food loves; key lime pie and anything butterscotch or caramel, for example. However, this candy (caramel bullseyes, pictured to the right) and I had no relationship growing up despite my Mom's love for it. I remember she used to keep them in a blue-ridged ceramic container with a lid and everything. She kept them on our wooden divider in the living room and I can still hear the crackle of the thick plastic wrapper as the sticky caramel was removed and popped into my Mother's mouth. I could not understand her love for these. I first tried one at around age eight and decided instantly that it was flavorless; aside from the delicious vanilla center. This center was sweet and sugary and amazing. Had I been allowed (or had I been able to reach the shelf they were on) I would have gleefully popped the vanilla out of each caramel, and then wrapped up the vanilla-less caramels back in their wrappers and placed them in their blue jar. Somewhere way far down the road, my very good friend (who I also share a love/obsession for caramel with) reintroduced me to said caramel bullseyes. It was love at second taste. The caramel with its perfect lighter sweetness combined with the sugary vanilla of the white center had me enthralled and now I can definitely say makes my top 5 favorite candy fixes. I can also say that I am very glad I have grown and can reach that shelf with the blue ceramic container on it in my parents' house!


MatEvDan said...

I haven't had one of those in ages, but I'm the same way. I didn't like them either when we were younger and Mom and Dad would have them. But now later in life, I too think they are quite tasty!

Andy said...

OMG! they used to sell these at a store near my work. i first had them 6 years ago. when i quit, they stopped selling them (i was probably the only one buying them) and i haven't been able to find them anywhere since!!!