January 29, 2008

Crayola and I made a fine duo.

I have and have always had a slight obsession with crayons. Crayola to be specific. Well, now I preferably use PrismaColor markers but lets be honest, most of us artsy types started out on the Crayolas. There was something so magical about getting a new box. I don't remember my first, but I know it was one of those 8-packs with just the basics. Soon after that, it was the 64-pack with every shade you could possibly want; with orange-red AND red-orange; burnt sienna AND burnt orange. Whenever I got a new box I would immediately take each crayon out and then organize them all in color order starting with pinks and reds and then make my way through the rest of the warm colors through to the cools until I ended with brown, black and then white; putting each back in the box in order from left to right. Was this a sign of my graphic design future and making order out of chaos? The new paper carefully and tightly wrapped around each stick of colored wax had this amazing smell. This smell that I can't describe as anything but pure childhood and creativity packaged into this perfect drawing instrument that fit magically into my little elementary hand. Pictures would flow from this hand to the crayon and onto my construction paper and I would excite in taking a new color out of the box and using it for the very first time. I would like to say that I think Crayola had a small part in making me the artist I am today and for that, I would like to thank them and their clever crayon names and colors for being a part of my life.


meg said...

yes! i loved my crayolas. do you remember this awesome video on sesame street? it's still my favourite. (embarrassing but true.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMU-wXsgyR8


Who Sees the Seven... said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I had completely forgotten about that video on SS but after 10 seconds into it had flashbacks from when I was 4 and LOVING it too. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!