January 8, 2008

One ticket to Paradise...

{The final SUPER dramatic scene in the first Paradise Hotel season back in '03}

Normally I shy away from all things reality series-related. All television shows which are trashy, involve excessive binge-drinking, ridiculous amounts of hooking up, the "kicking off" of roommates, and the promotion of falling in love with other trashy binge-drinking people you meet a mere ten hours before and then are separated from once you do something dumb (or your castmates convince the powers that be that you are not a "fit" for the house) on a set somewhere a lot warmer than where I am currently living. Normally. However, I make one exception (err, two exceptions...The Bachelor is the first although I don't consider it trashy in any way) and this is a big one. None other than Paradise Hotel. Yes, that wonderful show that was actually on twice a week (and that was pre-writer's strike!) back in 2003. My friends and I used to tune in every Monday and Wednesday to see what food Charla was eating (and still staying oh so skinny), what Amy's latest blow-up against Dave was all about, and how big Toni's eyes got when she started talking to someone. Ahhh, the good ole' days of reality TV.

Now, out of the woodwork, in a high-priced hotel somewhere in the tropics (or in LA?) and thrown into our living rooms some 5 years later, Paradise Hotel is back! No joke, February 4th begins the latest of the reality series to hit our screens due to the lack o' written series. Who knows what the latest hotel guests will be like and if Amanda Byrom will be our hostess again, but you can be sure I will be tuned in.

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SGM said...

Oh God! My brain is going to rot before this writer's strike is over! :)