January 30, 2008

Will run for cute shirts.

"running divas"

"freakishly strong"

"high mileage"

Running clothes are cute. I admit I love going to Paragon and picking out new dri-fit tees and shorts. I also admit I love clothes ABOUT running that I don't wear while running (because if I learned one thing from my marathon coaches, it's that you don't wear cotton). Highly entertaining quips on clothes about long distance running that make me laugh or feel proud to be in that weird sect of society who enjoys lacing up their Asics for long distances. Even better than great phrases are clothes that are comfortable AND geared towards women. If there was ever a clothing company that did all three it is Running Divas. When I first saw their booth at the Expo during the weekend of the New York City Marathon this year, it took all the will-power in the world not to buy everything they had; long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeved shirts, shorts, even thongs. The latter were appropriately printed with "Marathong". How much do you want a pair of those?! The founders of Running Divas are from California who have been runners since junior high and just want to celebrate the love of running. Makes you want to lace up some sneakers, huh?

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JJ said...

I love it! I love it! I love it! I am so happy I found your post on this! Everyone who doesn't run thinks I am nuts! (And I'm truly just a novice *jogger*, not even a serious mileage type of girl.)