January 31, 2008

I was meant to live in Hawaii with Jack.

Palm trees swaying in the wind. Ocean water that is crystal clear and blue-green. The smell of relaxation and suntan lotion. The sight of Spam on every convenience store's shelf. Yes, we're talking Hawaii here, folks. And what else says Hawaii? None other than native Hawaiian surfer/singer Jack Johnson. Jack has this mellow/poppy sound that I have been hooked on since I first heard his song Flake over five years ago. He has come out with 5 CDs total and now has a 6th to add to the list. "Sleep Through the Static" is set to be in stores on February 5th. I was nervous that this latest CD would not live up to my Jack-spectations but I checked it out on AOL Listening party yesterday and...it surpasses them! Not only is it musically wonderful, it is also environmentally-friendly as it was made on solar-powered analog tape machines. Now I eagerly await my field trip down to the Virgin store in Union Square next week to pick up the CD that will for sure be stuck on my iTunes for the next 6 months; and every subsequent trip to the beach.

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