January 3, 2008

Inspiration without shoes.

Inspiration comes in many shapes/mediums/sizes/forms as I mentioned in a recent post. One really never knows where and when it will strike and I had this "inspire!" moment about life appropriately on New Year's Eve day. Waiting for my mini quiches to cook in the oven, I realized I had about an hour to kill before all three batches would be done and before I would be leaving for yoga. My roommate mentioned she had watched the Food Network's Chefography on the Barefoot Contessa and said it was worth a look. Well watch I did and inspired I was! I recommend it for anyone who loves watching the Food Network (and honestly, who doesn't love the making of beautiful and delicious-looking food being created right in front of their eyes? Unless you are really hungry and have no food in your kitchen, in which case you might get a little angst-ridden and jealous of your TV screen.) and loves a good story. Ina Garten is the Barefoot Contessa and in her Chefography we learn about her first foray into cooking, what HER inspirations for food are, what her studies were (they didn't involve cooking), what her first job entailed (it didn't involve cooking either), and how she made the leap to being on the Food Network and the author of four extremely successful cookbooks. I don't want to give her story away, but lets just say that after being glued to my television for an hour (and after my quiches were done and I was on my walk to yoga) I felt I could go out and conquer the world with whatever I was destined to do! Not sure if it is still playing, but set your DVR for the next time they have a Chefography marathon.

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