January 15, 2008

Flower Power.

{white freesias are perfect for everyday}

There are a few items in this world that I wish came with a monthly stipend given to me by my wealthy benefactor (think what the 'Convict' is to 'Pip' in Great Expectations); basically I would be allowed to spend x amount of dollars each month on ______ with no charge to me, which would be lovely because these are things I want to buy all of the time and with NYC rent is absolutely not possible. This ______ for me is many things. It is books of all kind (especially design and photography ones), CDs, vanilla chai lattes from Starbucks, margaritas from Zarellas...you get it, the list could go on. Now one thing I REALLY wish I had a stipend for was fresh flowers. There is something about having fresh flowers in your home that really brings some life into it as well as added a beautiful scent. For me, if I were to buy them, I would base them on the color and what sort I was in the mood for that day (I am rarely in the mood for roses). Well, my favorite publication (of the last 5 years), New York Magazine, has a great feature in their mag this week which is which flowers to put where in your home based on smell, color, and visual. For those with a 'Convict' in their life to aid in their weekly botanical purchase and even those who just buy them maybe once or twice a year, this short guide will for sure be helpful.

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