January 14, 2008

Masha by mail.

{illustration by Masha D'Yans}

For the holidays, my oldest (not in age, but in years we have known each other) friend sent me a card with the most gorgeous illustration on the front. It was by an artist named Masha D'Yans who (I learned from the back of the card) studied art at the Cooper Union in NYC and had a website which I went to and see many other wonderful paintings. I immediately stood the card up on my dining room table so I could see it everytime I sat down or walked by. The flowy watercolor combined with the use of some pen and ink flourishes made this quite possibly the prettiest card I had received in a long time and made me want to break out my ArtBox, some coldpress paper and Windsor Newtons and start painting. I was also impressed by my friend, a phsyical therapist, and who I didn't realize had such an eye for wonderful illustration!

* I want to show you all of her work and had trouble picking just one to represent her full portfolio, so go to her site to view it all; it's definitely easy on the eyes.

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