January 23, 2008

Those British know their tea. And their talent.

{Design frieze by Bernard Cookson for London Cuppa tea}

Everyone knows that in Great Britain, tea is the drink of choice. So of course when my good friend brought a box of London Cuppa back for us from the land of Hugh Grant, David Beckham, and Burberry I knew it would be great. I didn't realize how great it really was until my first glass made for iced tea. This tea really is tasty and if I shut my eyes, I am sitting down to an afternoon with Mary Poppins up in the air with Uncle Albert. It is that good. Another thing I love about the tea? The illustrations on the packaging! Done by English illustrator and newspaper cartoonist Bernard Cookson, the scene is metropolitan and just makes you want to stop into a cafe in London for a sip. Last I checked on their website, you can't get this tea in the US so you will just have to go over there yourself (or ask a friend who might be in the area) to pick up a box for you. Or maybe hire a nanny who flies via an umbrella?

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adesignaffair said...

Look at you researching illustrations from packaging! Glad you are still enjoying my favorite London Cuppa.