January 24, 2008

Hole in the Wall & why I love earrings so much.

{Hole in the Wall}

Being a girl, I of course like jewelry. Who doesn't? However, to me, not all jewelry is created equal as I have a special fondness for earrings. I'm unsure of where this obsession first started but am pretty sure it was enhanced by an annual visit to this magical place, Hole in the Wall in Raymond, Maine. My Grandparents used to have a wonderful home in the great state of Maine that we would go up and visit in the summers from the time I was 6 months to 19 years old. There are many things that represented July and August in Maine to me; eating lobster outside, jumping in the lake off the dock, building sand castles with my brother, getting mosquito bites on top of mosquito bites, setting the table for Friday night dinner, playing Scrabble with my Great Grandma, playing cards with my cousins, eating fresh fruit from the farm stand down the street, taking boat rides around the lake, and just pretty much loving every minute of everyday there with my family.

There is one other thing that must be added to this list – taking our annual Grandma/Mom/Daughter trip to Hole in the Wall. It was this incredible studio that made me love earrings so much. They sold copper enameled jewelry, watercolor paintings, wheel-thrown ceramics, metal-worked outdoor sculptures, and any other handmade piece of art all sold in the confines of this wood cabin where the floors and walls were made of wooden planks and the lighting streamed in perfectly from the windows and skylight above. I remember going in there and getting to pick out a new pair of earrings (which wasn't as easy as it sounds because I loved all of them), courtesy of my very kind Grandma. Not only did I love looking around at everything in this cabin, I also loved the feeling of the store. It was happy and artistic and just perfect and something that now as an adult I can say is the kind of place I would give anything to own; where people young and old could come in, feel happy and take home a piece of art and a memory.

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