January 16, 2008

Please place your hands behind your back and step away from the Mac.

The point of this blog is to find new things on my own and talk about them, but this is too amazing to not share although I didn't discover it (Design Crush has this posted on her site and I will give her the "finder's credit").The above image is from Design Police, five templates filled with fantastic and highly appropriate things that any good Design Policeman or Policewoman would use; and of course it is a well-designed template at that. Imagine having these on a roll and attaching them to your belt like a gun in a holster?! I think I might have to print some of these on self-adhesive paper and bring them to my next design assignment.

My favorites are:
  • Comic Sans is Illegal
  • This type has been bastardised
  • Caution: Rivers
  • Awful library stock photo

1 comment:

Brilliant Asylum said...

Ha. I just learned about "rivers" last night from my graphic designer husband. Apparently my new blog header that I designed is rife with them. What can I say, I am an amateur with access to good software. Back to the drawing board!