January 8, 2008

Global warming at its best.

{Vincent Laforet photo}

I know it's not warm enough to lay out in Central Park as this photo suggests (well actually you couldn't even if you wanted to, as the Park's lawns are closed until the spring). Is it frightening to anyone else living in New York City that it is currently 55 degrees AND the beginning of January? I am going running later and planning on wearing shorts. This should not be. I love warm weather as much as the next life-long Northeasterner, but this is a little scary. I have decided to take advantage of this unseasonable lovliness outside and share this photo from a photographer who I absolutely love. His name is Vincent Laforet and if you get New York Magazine, you might have read an article about him a couple of summers ago. One of his series of works is all about aerials and the way he takes the photo from such a height that it almost seems as if you are looking at miniatures set up; not real life. Anyhow, enjoy this photo and go to his site to check out the rest of his series. Even if you can't have a picnic outside in the Park.

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