January 25, 2008

The book that finds YOU.

I've been wanting to write about this book, Eat, Pray, Love since the second I started reading it back on January 2nd of this new year. I realize many of you have read it and have heard about it. Or maybe you haven't and if so, then I am really excited to tell you about it. Also, if you are finding out about it through me, it means that it's your time; if you absorb this posting from me, that is. A friend told me recently such a profound statement full of both truth and the belief in fate, when this book came up in discussion at a recent dinner party:

"The book finds YOU when you NEED the book."

Many months ago, a good friend was reading the book and I am sure she told me about it. In fact, I am sure it was on our dining room table many a time sitting next to my cereal bowl, but for some reason it didn't register on my "must read radar". Not even a blip. Then a friend was in visiting from LA the week before the new year and told me about the same book and for some reason it was permanently on my radar. I ended up borrowing it from the same friend who had told me about it many months before and could not put it down once I started it. Well, let me tell you, a book has never affected me the way this one did. I don't want to give too much away, but will tell you it is a travel memoir about the year-long journey (both physical, spiritual, and mental) of 34 year-old recent divorcee Elizabeth Gilbert through the three I's; Italy, India and Indonesia. In each country she focuses on one aspect of her life and achieving balance in that.

Words cannot truly describe the the inspiration it has had on my life since finishing it only a little over two weeks ago, but I shudder to think about my world without it. I believe that everyone who reads it will make a change in their life, either large or small and either now or in the future; they will let what they have read settle inside of them and then possibly even months or years down the road make a choice based on what they read in Elizabeth's memoir. If you absorb what she is saying, doing, feeling, achieving, and balancing, then you will take something away from it and it just might possibly change the course of your life forever.


Richie Designs said...

I love this book so much. I actually told my therapist about it now her whole office has made it mandatory reading.

I too have gone through a divorce and you don't know how much this resonated with me.

how much do you want to go to Italy JUST to have that pizza???

Who Sees the Seven... said...

Seriously, that pizza DID sound amazing. Pretty much everything about her trip sounded amazing. Even scrubbing the bathroom tiles in the Ashram!