January 18, 2008

Stina and soccer.

I know artist/illustrator Stina Persson's work has been all over the design blogs, but I just had to give homage to her and these incredible paintings she did for Nike Women a couple of years ago. She is so talented and her work is so fluid and just amazing. I truly believe that most of the advertising campaigns we see are quickly forgettable, but there are a small few that really make an impact on us either for the smart copy, the beautiful visuals, or the perfect layout. And sometimes one achieves all three. This one does that. These Nike ads are quite possible one of my favorite campaigns of all time. It combines my love for athletics with art. A priceless combination. Not only that, but I read these and immediately think they were written specifically for me, a female athlete, which is what I am sure many other women out there do as well. And the writing is great too; I have written it out below:

"My legs were once two hairy sticks that weren't very good at jump rope but by the time I reached the age of algebra they had come into their own and now in spin class they are revered. Envied for their strength. Honored for their beauty. Hairless for the most part except that place the razor misses just behind the ankles."

"My knees are tomboys. They get bruised and cut every time I play soccer. I'm proud of them and wear my dresses short. My Mother worries I will never marry with knees like that. But I know there's someone out there who will say to me: I love you and I love your knees. I want the four of us to grow old together."

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