October 7, 2008

And we're baaack!





We are now back safe and sound from the south of Spain and wow, what a vacation within a vacation it was down there. As it is in every other country, Spain is no different in terms of contrasts between the south and the north. The region of Andalucía seemed a whole other world compared to that of Catalunya; where I have spent my first 6 weeks of this trip. Though I still very much love Barcelona for the mix of metropolitan city full of new design and old architecture and modernism, I absolutely adored the beauty and oldness of the south of Spain in Andalucía.

We were fortunate enough to be able to spend time in three drastically different cities (and almost a two-hour stop in another) – Sevilla, Cádiz, Tarifa, and Ronda. The landscape alone distinguished each from the other as one (Sevilla) was set very much inland and was a quieter typical Spanish city with great nightlife full of bars and restaurants on every turn. The next was a coastal city (Cádiz) set on an inlet with a very small town feel where it seemed Matt and I were the only tourists there; which was a nice change from Sevilla which seemed 1/3 tourists, 1/3 students and 1/3 locals. The two-hour stop was in THE kite and windsurfing capital of Spain (Tarifa) and was a little surf town that is the most southernmost tip of Europe (we could see Africa!). The last stop on “the trip within the trip”, as Matt and I had been referring to it, was to a small white-washed village (as they all are for the most part in Andalucia) way up on a mountain and surrounded by a jaw-dropping gorge (Ronda).

I have uploaded all of my photos and will slowly start to share them as I finish organizing and color-correcting as need be. Until then, hope this small sample of each of our cities visited with satiate your photo appetite. Promise to show a lot more soon from our trip as well as photos from our first weekend here before leaving for our trip within a trip. I hope everyone has been having a good week and trying to stay calm during the uncertainty and stress that is going on in the US with the financial situation. It has definitely crossed the Atlantic and being felt here in Spain as well.

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