October 12, 2008

Parc Guell: Take 2

Delicious grapes for our picnic

Tile on the back of rock!

Great columns and ceiling decor below the entrance

These two buildings were designed after the ones in Hansel & Gretl (one represents that of the children and the other of the witch)

Signage in the bathroom at the Parc was hysterical and more symbolically appropriate in my mind than the usual ones we see in restrooms everywhere

September 30

This afternoon we headed to one of the markets in Gracia and bought some fresh food for a picnic up on Parc Guell (yes, this is now my second time there and I plan on going back again when Kathy comes, which is fine by me!). I found some new tiles and an entrance I hadn’t seen the first time I came which I needed to photograph and share!

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