October 19, 2008

Make A Wish...You're at the Trevi Fountain!

Next on the Kathy/Jen Rome Tour 2008 was the Trevi Fountain. This seemed to also be a magnet for tourists (bad) and tourist groups (even worse). We had to edge our way in to take any photos and then in order to make a wish at the fountain had to jump on an empty space and claim it fast. The Trevi Fountain has been added to my list of “places/people to Google and learn about” as I don’t really know anything about it. The first time I had heard of it was on an episode of The Bachelor a couple of years ago when an Italian prince (from New Jersey, but bearing the last name Bourghese which was all over this city) wooed 25 eligible single women in Rome.

Kathy and I did learn the proper way to make a wish, however, which is to turn your back to the fountain, put your coin in your right hand and then throw it over your left shoulder. Though I just ranted a bit about tourists, I must say that a very nice older couple from America helped show us the proper way to do this. Maybe tourists aren’t so bad afterall

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