October 31, 2008

The City Walls of Girona.

Looking up at the entrance of the Cathedral

Walking around the city walls

These vines/leaves looked almost fake the way they were perfectly growing up the wall; like a child's drawing of grass!

My first walk when I arrived was to head to the Cathedral via some great little narrow streets and stairs (there were SO many little steps in this town!) though when I arrived to the Cathedral it started to rain (seriously, I could do without all of the rain we have had here in Spain for the past month, though I guess it’s like being in the northeast in April) to I opted to head to a small café for a coffee and attempted to read up on the news in the world via the Spanish newspaper El País. The rain subsided and I was thoroughly depressed from all that I had read; I headed around the Cathedral and found my way to the city wall where you can walk around and ON it which was a wonderful way to get a view out of the city and towards some mountains in the distance. The walls had some great leaves growing out and on them and I got my first and only glimpse of New England-like autumn leaves.

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