October 15, 2008

Ronda: The Beauty.

El Tajo gorge

El Puente Viejo (one of the two bridges in town)

El Puente Nuevo (the other of the two bridges in town)

Our final day of not only our trip but also in Ronda was spent walking all around the small city; exploring every little aspect of this beautiful mountain village. We walked over the gorge via both bridges and saw the mountains from all angles and beautiful vista points that were all throughout the city. We saw the old Arab Baths, the old king’s castle, a plaza filled with artists selling their works as well as painting the actual plaza they were sitting in, a few old cathedrals, a bike race through the mountains, and lots of German tourists. If Sevilla was full of whistlers and Cádiz full of ringing church bells, then Ronda was full of people wearing red! I swear, I don’t know if it was subconsciously due to bullfighting getting its start here (since most costumes were of fine red material) or what, but everywhere we looked there were people dressed in red in all aspects of their clothes!

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