October 19, 2008


We started our day of sightseeing at none other than the Colosseum! Wow. I am not even sure if the phrase “the pictures don’t do it justice” covers what it was like being around it and in there. We took the audioguide tour which was great as the only historical information I really knew about the Colosseum had come mostly from the movie “Gladiator” (which I now have a craving to watch again). As with all of the Roman ruins I have seen so far on my trip (mostly in Cádiz) I am still spellbound by the fact that so much of the structure still exists after the number of years that have gone by and this was no exception.

After we finished our walk around and dropped off our audioguides we attempted to find the exit and move on to our next destination in Rome. This was not as easy as we thought seeing as we followed signs for “Exit” and were led to a gate that was not opened. Strike number two for the Italians and their directions.

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