October 31, 2008

My Last Catalan City: Girona.

A small sampling of all of the stairs around Girona!

I loved the view down this little street with the greenery hanging out the windows.

Friday I took the train north about an hour and twenty minutes to the city of Girona (also about 2 hours from France, maybe less), which before I had only known as the airport that RyanAir flew out of. Well, this city has a lot more to offer than just a small airport a little ways out of town.

Girona is a town divided by a river where on one side lays the old city or the “Barri Vell” which is where I spent the majority of time. The Barri Vell is also an old walled city and that wall still exisits. The tourist information office had the nicest and most helpful woman working there who gave me a map and a suggested route for seeing the town. Luckily everything is accessible on foot, and even from the train station it was only about a 20 minute walk to get over the river. When you cross the river you are welcomed by rows of pastel-colored apartment buildings one after another which made for some great photos and since the river wasn’t moving I got some good reflections.

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