October 19, 2008

When In Rome...

Our arrival into Rome started off on an entertaining note as we landed at the Ciampino Airport via RyanAir (a Irish-based airline akin to Southwest Airlines where there is no reserved seating and flights are uber-cheap) and mere seconds after touchdown on the tarmac heard the trumpets of the “Do do do-do-do-do do do do do-do-do-dooo…Charge!” music followed by “Congratulations! You are one of 90% of RyanAir flights that has landed on time!”

From the airport we took the bus into the main transportation hub of Rome called Termini - where we were wound around in circles via the floor maps trying to find the tourist information booth so we could get a proper map of the city. Those Italians like to put big red “I” (for Information)’s everywhere but not show you any information. Finally finding it way down on track 24 we left with some direction and headed to our hotel.

I wish I could describe Kathy and my first Italian meal to you as something you only read about, but alas, I seem to be cursed with choosing my first meal in a country. A la my first tapas in Spain, my first pizza and arugala & parmesan salad in Italy was nothing to write home about and therefore that is all you will read about it as its not worth the space on my blog.

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