October 19, 2008

The Villa of Quietness.

I am pretty sure the straw that broke the camel’s back (and Kathy’s and my feet) was taking the walk up and through Villa Borghese and then back to our hotel. The Villa WAS a nice change of pace from the masses on the streets of Rome though as it even has big castle-like walls that line the entrance. It is one big park, so to speak, that overlooks Rome below and has dirt roads, benches, great dandlilion-looking trees, plenty of shade, and overall quietness.

The day ended with Kathy and I heading back to our hotel to discover we had no shampoo because a) we didn’t pack any figuring our accommodations would have some and b) finding our accommodations didn’t have any in their reserves of travel size items though we did have a shower cap. I am thinking this is makes sense now since people need a shower cap when they DON’T wash their hair. We did find a store a few blocks down that we bought some shampoo at but not after offering (and being denied) the Best Western next door a few Euros for a couple of their little bottles. Feeling like brand new people after good showers and clean clothes we headed out to Trastevere (the little neighborhood across the river) to meet Katie & Erik for dinner. This was a perfect ending to the day as we had good meals (including an appetizer of a fabulous slice of parmesan accompanied by a dollop of incredibly thick and delicious honey), good red wine and a great time with wonderful friends from Massachusetts. After dinner we found a cute bar called Hilda’s Café with amazing American music (sampling from all decades), homey wooden slabs of tables and benches, great tiramisu and after-dinner drinks and overall the perfect place to end our first night in Italy.

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