October 13, 2008

Sevilla: Just Across the River to Triana.

The bridge over the River from main Sevilla to the barrio of Triana

One of many ceramic shops; of course covered in Spanish ceramic tile

I loved the look of these two buildings side by side; the opposite colors painted in the perfect places to mirror each other

An example of the "historical" tiling outside a home

Loved this small tiled detail on just the two front steps

Triana is a neighborhood in Sevilla that is just over the River Guadalquivir and was far less touristy. It is home to the largest working ceramics factories in the city; everywhere we went, be it from restaurants to hostals to stores, all had the signature glossy Spanish ceramic tiles of blues and yellows and reds. Once Matt and I figured out how to get to Triana we made our way across the river and explored the ceramics shops and quietness that was this side of the Guadalquivir. Another thing I noticed in Triana was that many of the homes had hand-painted tiles on their fronts, with stories about the person who had lived there describing what family they were from, what they did in their life and in some, how they died.

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