October 19, 2008

Walking up the Spanish Steps...

The statements in my last entry regarding “tourist central” could also be applied to the Spanish Steps. They were definitely fun to walk up and look back every landing to see city behind you, though. The top, of course, gleaned the best view but it was semi-frightening to see the huddled masses of tour groups spilling all over the streets (as from my second photo above). After the Spanish Steps we decided to get our first Italian gelato and by fortunate chance ended up running into my friends Jason & Ellen who we were supposed to be meeting up with the next day! It was pretty amazing to the four of that through the varied sights to see, the masses of tour groups and the many possible streets to take to walk around that we would run into each other. For a moment it just seemed we were walking the streets of Manhattan and had happened upon familiar faces but here we were in Rome, Italy!

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