October 14, 2008

Next stop Cádiz: October 2

Our second day of the “trip within the trip” started by heading back to the Sevilla airport so we could pick up our rental car. After adjusting the seats and mirrors and figuring out how to get out the parking garage (seemed like all of the entrances were blocked), Matt and I made our way south to Cádiz. It was a fairly easy drive getting to the main plot of land. Getting to our hostal which is on the peninsula island of Cádiz that is filled with lots of narrow one-way streets and pedestrian-only streets was another thing. We finally found out from a police officer in the Plaza nearest our hostal, that the street our accommodations were on were not accessible by any vehicles except for police. That now made the second time our hostal was on a street too small for a car! We happily found a parking garage about a 10 minute walk away to leave the car for the next two days.

Cådiz is considered one of the oldest cities in Spain and has some incredibly old ancient Roman ruins throughout it. It felt very much like a small town and not the major port city it is, with cranes for unloading cargo dotting the skyline on one side. That was the other great thing about this city/town; since it is a very small peninsula, no matter where you go you aren’t far from the water. Walking around the cobblestone streets and through the little plazas spotted with restaurants and barrels of sherry, we felt very much like locals. Maybe it was just coming from Sevilla which seemed about 50% tourists, but in this place we felt we were the only people there for vacation.

Since we were staying in Cádiz for two days we decided to figure out what would be best to do the first day and then what to do the second. Again, after some lunch and reading of the Rough Guides, we decided we would start the sightseeing by walking to the Roman amphitheater (the last photo of those shown above).

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