October 15, 2008

Ronda: The Bullring!

I loved this one because you can see the mountains over the top of the bullring

As you enter the ring...

Two posters advertising for different seasons of bullfighting. I like them both but the one on the left is great because it is an illustration of the Tajo Gorge as well

After checking into our hotel we decided to hit up the main tourist site in town ¬– THE oldest modern day bullfighting ring! Ronda is the first place that bullfighting, as we know it today, took place and this Plaza de Torros was not only a place you could walk around inside the ring itself but it also had a great little museum inside to learn all about the history as well as see costumes, art, and other tools of the trade. I didn’t expect it to be as interesting as it was and I especially liked the poster designs for the bullring (the last photo)!

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