October 14, 2008

Cádiz: Tapas Buenas.

We took the ferry back early evening, took a much-needed descansado (Spanish for “rest”) and later on went out for some delicious tapas at a place we had passed the night before that had looked busy and filled with locals. It also had what Matt looked for in a good tapas bar – jamón hanging from the ceiling. The meal was great as was the sherry, which I now have a better appreciation for (and a slight obsession with the cream variety).

In conclusion, regarding Cádiz, I really liked it for it's small-town feel and would love to go back when the weather was just a tiny bit warmer to take advantage of the beaches there. Also, if I had said that Sevilla was full of people whistling, Cádiz could be summed up by saying that it was full of church bell-ringing! I don't know how many bell towers were there but at some point at what seemed like all times of day for no rhyme of reason, bells were going off – sometimes 27 rings in a row but at an odd time like 3:17 in the afternoon.

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