October 20, 2008

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day...

…And now I know why. There are so many architecturally difficult buildings; with their domes and marble sculptures and reliefs and columns. I also have realized from looking at all of my photography of this city that although the buildings are all structurally sound that they lack color in a big way – one glance over my contact sheet in iPhoto and all I am really seeing is gray and off-white.

We started the day walking back towards the Spanish Steps and meeting up with Jason & Ellen for some coffee and then a walk up the steps and around the Villa Borghese (a different area this time). We ended our visit with them for a late lunch and then parting ways as we were both making our way to Vatican City but in different walking patterns. Kathy and I leisurely took our time walking west to the Vatican and stopping at Piazza Navona on the way. Unfortunately there was some construction being done to the center of the Piazza so I didn’t take that many photos (the last two above are from the Piazza. I love this guy in the bottom right of my frame that I didn’t realize was there until I was just looking at my pictures). From there we walked until we hit the river (the same one that separates Rome center from Trastevere), crossed it (last photo above), and then made our way to the home of the Pope.

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