October 15, 2008

On the road again: October 4

Our third day we woke up early so we could get on the road and on to two destinations; one to stop at for a couple of hours (Tarifa) but then to get back on the road again and one to end up at (Ronda).

The drive from Cádiz to Tarifa was prettier than the drive from Sevilla to Cádiz as we were going farther south to the very southernmost tip of Spain. My first favorite thing I saw was a cut-out of a bull up on a hill (the first photo above). My second favorite were the beautiful rolling hills of green. My third and most favorite were the windmills upon windmills! Massive white modern windmills lined up in rows after rows in the hillsides; it was so surreal. I knew from the book Don Quixote that these existed but never expected to see them when we did; of course I took way too many photos of windmills through the windshield which didn’t come out oh so great so I am showing you just one which I love because you can see the cows/bulls grazing in the foreground – how very Spain!

Also on the way to Tarifa, we passed a tiny beach that we could see kite-surfers from the road so we decided to turn off the small dirt road and check it out; walking through a small sandy path from the dirt parking lot to the turquoise-colored water. The winds were really strong and warm which made it a perfect spot for kite-surfing which is what I had read in every article about Tarifa and the beaches nearby; it is THE place for kite and windsurfing.

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