October 15, 2008


This is Sancho the Brave who recaptured Tarifa from the Moors way back in the day

The castle! Though it was closed for repairs so we didn't get to check out the inside.

The Atlantic to the West...

...and the Mediterranean to the East!

Once arriving to Tarifa we parked the car and walked around for a couple of hours. The town has one main street filled with surfshops and divebars and tourist shops and windsurfing and kitesurfing schools. The other side of this more modern-looking street brings you under an archway and through a small more old-town feel with windy narrow cobblestone streets, a castle, a cathedral (surprise), and small bars, restaurants, and shops. The most exciting part of this stop was walking out to the water on a sort of pier-like concrete road which is THE separation between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean for the world. Tarifa is not only considered the southernmost city of Spain but also Europe’s; we could see Africa!

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