October 10, 2008

Caixa Forum & Barceloneta at night.

September 28, 2008 cont'd.

After walking through the Olympic areas, we headed to the Caixa Forum which is a free museum which had five art exhibits on display (though only three were open). The building itself was pretty interesting as it was an old textile factory that they converted to a museum. It’s mostly all brick with a neat tower with colored tiles in at towards the top. The first exhibit we saw was a small collection of photographs of women with their children from poverty ridden third world countries. They were large scale images and though alongside each photo there were staggering facts and figures about the infant mortality rate and low income to those inhabitants in these countries, the mothers stood proud holding their children in brightly colored clothing and staring at the camera.

The second exhibit was a collection of Italian art from the 1400 and 1500s; lots of “Last Suppers”, angels, Christ, Mary and child, and basically the normal subjects used in that time period.

The third exhibit at the Caixa Forum was all of a Czech artist named Alfonso Mucha who is known for his work as an illustrator and graphic designer (which of course, I thoroughly enjoyed) for theater; he specifically got his start as the poster designer and illustrator for Sandra Bernhardt in the early 1900s. His work is considered part of the art nouveau movement and his career spanned from many beautiful paintings and lithographs of women surrounded by flower-detailing and ended with product packaging. (*Audra, I thought of you while I was looking at these since I am pretty sure you have at least one of his prints and if you didn’t then I thought you would really like his work!)

The evening found us eating paella in Barceloneta and walking around Port Vell doing some people-watching at the carnival set up along the port. This first photo of kids attached to harnesses while jumping up and down on trampolines I decided that a) I would love to do if I wasn’t over the height and weight limit that I am sure was in place and b) that never in the United States would this be legal at a carnival.

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