October 22, 2008

Granada Means Pomegranate in Spanish.

Zipping around mountains, fields harvesting every kind of produce, and small whitewashed Andalucían villages we made our way to Granada from Sevilla on the 7am train going east. We arrived in Granada and were greeted by two very nice people at our hostal and then by rain a couple of hours later. Between all of the sightseeing and early mornings from the past four days we decided to take a little descansado (nap) after walking around for a few of hours in mostly rain.

We thought the rain had ended and decided after showers that some dinner and drinks might be in order. We soon found that like in the rest of Spain, no one really eats dinner before 9pm and therefore not many places were open at 7:15. However, unlike the rest of Spain, Granada is known for its free tapas. Yes, that’s right, in this city when you go to a bar and order a drink you get a free plate of tapas. Kathy and I never ended up having an official sit-down dinner but instead did a wine/sherry tasting of our own at four bars on a block close to our hostal and were able to sample various tapas along the way. We also learned later in the night that most bars in that neighborhood close up at midnight (UNLIKE the rest of Spain or at least Barcelona) which was probably for the best as we were trying to get up at a reasonable hour to start our day at the Alhambra.

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