October 27, 2008

The Last of the Visitors...

The pictures above are not of my visitors, of course, but eating seafood last night reminded me of these hysterical mini lobsters that Matt and I saw one day at the Boqueria and whose photos I had never posted. Above is a documentation of the “escape” of this little guy out of his crate (first photo). His logical choice was to head down towards the edge of the table and to do so he had to crawl over lots of clams (second photo). Well, clearly this idea seemed like a great one to another little lobster, because you can see in the top right of the second photo another guy making his escape. Yes, that’s right, we witnessed the equivalent of a prison outbreak in the market as one by one (very slowly) little lobsters tried to break free from their selling crate (only to almost reach the edge and then be picked up by the woman who worked the market stall). The last one is what I imagine would be used on a WANTED poster if he really did escape.

The visitors I mention in the headline of this entry were my last in my string of familiar faces that I had been fortunate to see while being over here in Europe. Alas, visiting season for me is officially over as I met up with my last familiar faces last night for dinner here in Barcelona – my Aunt Arleen and Uncle Ed were passing through Barcelona on a week-long group trip through Spain and we were lucky enough to have cleared schedules for a great Sunday night tapas dinner. The two of them, as well as their friends Art and Loretta who were also on their trip, and I shared an entertaining evening which reminded me that I am ready to be among English-speakers again. That time will be soon enough as I imagine my last eleven days here will go by pretty quick. I am trying to schedule each of my last days here (now only 11) with sights I haven’t seen as well as a couple of day trips to nearby cities (Girona and Montserrat) possibly and one 2 night/3 day trip to Madrid. I decided that after seeing so much of the south of Spain and once I see some more of Catalunya, that I really couldn’t go back across the Atlantic without seeing the capital of Spain.

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So great!! Love these pictures!