October 19, 2008


Don’t fret, we did find our way out of the Colloseum and walked our walk north to the Pantheon. On our way we realized just how many tourists were here in Rome and how many of them were American! Kathy had only been in Barcelona for three days before we left for Italy so I am not sure if it was as strange to her, but to me, having been in Barcelona for two months and having heard maybe three Americans in total just from walking around and being in shops or restaurants, it was quite a shock to my ears.

Through the web of tourists we got ourselves to the Pantheon which was a lot more beautiful inside than I thought it was going to be. Since the outside was all gray I didn’t expect the beautiful colors that I was greeted with on the walls inside. not only that but the amazing domed roof with the gap in the center that let light into the whole building as well as shone one perfect circle of light onto the domed ceiling. If you are wondering why most of my photos are not full head to toe shots of the interior and exterior of the building it is because I was trying to NOT get any tourists in the pictures – quite a struggle if you ask me.

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