October 15, 2008

On the road to Ronda.

After our walk around Tarifa we got back in the car and headed back up north (since that is the only way to go from Tarifa) but instead of to the west as Sevilla was, we headed to the southeast of Sevilla to Ronda; a city up in the mountains. The two-hour drive from Tarifa was a bit educational and beautiful; we drove passed the Rock of Gibraltar and read all about it in my guidebook and about the struggles that the Spanish and British government are having over ownership of it. Though it doesn’t take up a large footprint of land, it was pretty domineering looking from the road; just a huge dark rock sticking up out of the horizon. The beautiful part of our journey came after as once we turned off the main highway to get on a smaller curvier road which felt a bit like the Pacific Coast Highway to me; not for those that fear heights or hairpin turns! We wound up and up a huge mountain into what seemed like the clouds all the while passing small whitewashed villages and green pastures – mountain goats too!

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