October 13, 2008

Sevilla: THE Cathedral.

The Cathedral looking up from the entrance

Collection of interior details

Looking up in two different places

Looking down (from a window in the tower) to the courtyard

Check out those flying buttresses of the Cathedral in the foreground and the white-washed beauty of Sevilla's buildings in the background. This was also taken out from a window in the bell tower

Well if I had thought that the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona was amazing, then I was seriously mistaken because the Cathedral in Sevilla was magnificent! I have never seen such a decorated church outside and in. Each part of the church was fully embellished by each family that owned each chapel inside. Wood carvings, gold detailing, paintings, sculptures – each square inch is covered in decoration and because of this, the whole interior was one enormous art museum. It took a little over 100 years to complete from start to finish in the 15th Century and my guidebook told us that it is THE largest church in all of the world as stated in the Guinness Book of World Records. Another reason this cathedral was so wonderful was that you could climb up the steep walkway around and around to get to the top of the bell tower and see a beautiful white-washed Sevilla city down below.

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